The Leap over the Emscher

The pedestrian and cycle bridge "Leap over the Emscher" is an architectural highlight with a unique appearance in Emscher region, Castrop-Rauxel. MCE GmbH was able to demonstrate its expertise in precision and accuracy in production and installation for this project, in order to meet the design and technical challenges.
The Leap over the Emscher 5

The steel suspension bridge spans the Emscher river twice and the Rhein-Herne canal once, with seven sections in total. The bridge features two impressive staircases that provide access to the adjacent newly developed recreational area in the region. The pedestrian and cycle bridge was built at the waterway junction, where the Emscher passes under the Rhine-Herne Canal. The bridge “Leap over the Emscher” connects the two cities of Castrop-Rauxel and Recklinghausen, expanding the existing bicycle network. MCE, in cooperation with the ARGE partner construction company Gebr. Echterhoff, successfully realized this bridge structure. The highlight of the assembly work can be seen in the floating-in of the bridge section (70 m long and weighing 105 tons) over the Rhine-Herne Canal.

Delivery scope: steel suspension bridge
Steel Weight: 900 t
Client: Emschergenossenschaft
Construction time: 2021 - 2023
Location: Castrop Rauxel | Germany
Bridge length: 412 m