Informants / whistle­blowing

Compliant behaviour in accordance with rules and the protection of the company and our employees from inappropriate and unlawful behaviour is of the utmost priority for MCE GmbH and the HABAU GROUP.

The economic consequences and loss of reputation resulting from violations not only harm the group, but also put jobs at risk. Thus by informing us thereof, you actively support us in preventing future violations and misconduct.

Therefore you have the option to report abuse or misconduct by our employees (violations of laws or internal regulations) of which you become aware in the course of your professional activity to the Compliance Officer or the HABAU GROUP Compliance Officer by letter, email, phone, in person or using the link below on our platform (including anonymously).


Informant platform


Compliance Officer
Dr. Franz Mödritzer
MCE GmbH, Franzosenhausweg 25, 4030 Linz
T +43 732 9011 9037


Compliance Officer / HABAU GROUP Compliance Officer
Dr. Ilda Avdic-Omanovic

HABAU Hoch- und Tiefbaugesellschaft m.b.H. Greiner Straße 63, 4320 Perg
T + 43 7262 555 1127