Daimler climatic wind tunnels

As per the high-quality standards of the client, a test centre was built for Daimler AG at the location of Sindelfingen. Together with our partners, as the general contractor, MCE implemented two climatic wind tunnels along with the accompanying infrastructure. From conceptual design to commissioning, MCE realized the main building and the wind tunnel using steel construction. 
MCE – Daimler climatic wind tunnels
Delivery scope: Conceptualization, planning, delivery/production, assembly and commissioning of the following main components • Wind tunnel as steel construction (660 t) • Main blower (ø 4,740 m) for wind speeds of up to 100 km/h • Weather simulation incl. rain and snow simulation and test facilities for temperature ranges from -40°C up to +60°C • Thermal and acoustic surface insulation • Adjustable nozzles and collectors for testing various types of vehicles
Client: Daimler AG
Construction time: 2008-2011
Location: Sindelfingen, Germany