Vienna Climatic Wind Tunnel

For the client Rail Tec Arsenal, as the general contractor, MCE worked with technology partner AIOLOS to build a climatic wind tunnel for rail vehicles and large vehicles in Vienna. The service included two test tunnels, including the accompanying systems. The tunnel is designed to replicate extreme environmental conditions and enables rain and snow simulations at temperatures ranging from minus 50°C to plus 60°C.
MCE – Vienna Climatic Wind Tunnel
Delivery scope: Conceptualization, planning, delivery/fabrication, assembly and commissioning of the following main components (large wind tunnel) • Steel wind flow tunnel (1,300 t) • Test area: L x W x H: 100 x 5 x 6 m • Main blower for wind speed: 10 -> 250 km/h • Simulation of snow, rain and solar radiation • Roller dynamometer with drive / brake power for 850 kW rail vehicles
Client: Rail Tec Arsenal
Construction time: 2000-2002
Location: Wien, Austria