U81 light rail bridge „Nord­stern“

The new light rail bridge over the „Nordstern“ motorway junction in Düsseldorf is part of the first construction phase of the new line U81 and connects Düsseldorf Airport to the light rail network to improve local public transportation. During the spectacular assembly process, the steel bridge superstructure was launched piece by piece into the position by the MCE assembly team and then connected to the abutments.
U81 Stadtbahnbrücke über den Nordstern

The bridge structure with a total length of 441 m was designed as a semi-integral structure, in which the superstructure is fixed into the two abutments and rests freely on the five intermediate pillars. In the bridge axis, a massive, centrally located truss girder provides the necessary sustainability; the roadways for the two tracks are arranged on both sides of the main girder. MCE developed a construction concept with a 40-meter-long launching nose, which allowed the bridge to span up to 81 meters without the originally planned auxiliary supports. In 2024, the first light rail train will roll over the bridge, offering passengers spectacular views of Düsseldorf Airport and the highways far below.

Delivery scope: steel truss bridge with 6 spans and an orthotropic deck; two-track light rail bridge
Steel weight: 4,915 t
Client: State Capital Düsseldorf
Construction time: 2020 - 2023
Location: Düsseldorf, Germany
Bridge length: 441 m