Rhine Bridge Hard-Fussach

The construction of the new Rhine bridge Hard-Fussach in Vorarlberg will significantly increase traffic and flood safety in the area. This bridge sets new standards for both high-frequency cycling traffic and architectural integration into the Lake Constance region.
Rhine Bridge Hard-Fussach 3

The superstructure consists of a steel-concrete composite construction with two closely welded steel hollow boxes. The slender bridge support structure is designed as a 4-span continuous beam with a single span.

The special feature of the bridge construction lies, among other things, in the articulated mounting of the masts on the steel superstructure. The cable-stayed structure is resolved in a fan shape and is redirected in the masts. The redirection of the cables in the masts is carried out within a saddle construction that was installed for the first time in a closely welded steel mast.

The construction of the supporting structure was carried out in the casting bed and was then moved into its final position over the Rhine in the longitudinal direction of the bridge using the incremental launching method. For this installation method, the steel structure was strengthened with two auxiliary spans, each 21 meters in height.

Delivery scope: semi-integral steel composite bridge with a cable-stayed structure spanning over a 4-span continuous girder
Steel Weight: 2,380 t steel construction / 120 t cables
Client: Federal State of Vorarlberg
Construction time: 2019 - 2022
Location: between Hard and Fussach, federal state of Vorarlberg, Austria
Bridge lenght: 255,6 m